Cool Heat | Meet Sharjah
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Meet Sharjah

Sharjah Jonsson

Meet Sharjah

Meet Sharjah..

We’re proud to support Sharjah and got in touch with him over lockdown last year. He’s an upcoming Enduro Star from KZN, and we wanted to check in and to see what his thoughts are on the new 12 speed series from Shimano…

What’s your experience on the New Shimano 12-speed, XT specifically and what do you think of SLX?

“So for me initially the biggest impact it had on me was the ability to shift under power and the smooth precise feel on the cassette, this is really important in enduro racing with having to be aggressive throughout the whole trail. This is because of the hypergluide plus technology I would recommend reading more about it here its really worth knowing to explain why Shimano shifting is superior really enjoy the new brake levers and the added stiffnes they offer with the clamp design to the bar.

XT is the standard of what a great groupset is, it’s affordable, lightweight and really hard wearing and is suitable for anyone racing or just riding, its constant and efficient. I personally think SLX is overlooked to often, it shares the same technologies but comes in at a more affordable price, XT has slightly more refinement but i feel like they are on par with efficiency.”

Tell us about your shoes, Shimano AM5’s?

“Shimano shoes just work the enduro shoe that I’m riding is the AM5 my biggest thing I like about them is on rough trails the feedback they give isn’t as harsh as aloto of the other shoes I have ridden this really helps keeping you fresh on long stages that the Enduro World Series has to offer.“

How have you kept motivated during all the lockdowns, & how has your training changed?

“I have been really motivated actually, I had a shoulder reconstruction in the offseason and I have been really focused on trying to get my body to a superior form and this gives me a lot of time to work on mobility and strength. I have also been on the indoor bike on zwift trying to build on what I missed out on when i had my surgery. Morning yoga is a new one for me and I’m really loving it and think I will carry on after the lockdown is over.”

What about the uncertainty of cancelled races?

“Well a few races have been canceled and some postponed but I can’t say my goals have or haven’t until I know exactly what is happening with this pandemic. I have definitely not stopped working towards that top 30 world rank this year.“

How has COVID changed cycling?

“I think this will open up a huge market to virtual racing but I think we will go back to normal in due time. I have thought about doing more media stuff and video work so I think the market might see a lot more of these type of projects.”

Follow Sharjah Jonsson on Facebook and Instagram! He’s currently overseas chasing his Enduro career, which an unfortunate further shoulder injury has put his racing on hold. But follow him on his crazy adventures across Europe in his van.

Sharjah Jonsson – Image credit: @maddogboris

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