Cool Heat | Meet Andrew Hill Coolheat’s Lazer ambassador
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Meet Andrew Hill Coolheat’s Lazer ambassador

Meet Andrew Hill Coolheat’s Lazer ambassador

Why did you chose Lazer helmets?

“Most Pro riders choice of equipment is usually determined by the teams sponsors or use what they are given but in my case I had the opportunity to use a couple of the big brands out there. After critically analysing the different options I went with Lazer based on the brands history and long standing prevalence in global the market. Plus Mathieu van der Poel uses the same one.”

Which Lazer helmets do you ride & what do you like about them?

“I have a Z1 MIPS and Blade+ MIPS, I really enjoy the comfort and the adjustability on both but my favourite is the Z1 due to the slight weight advantage, but it’s a hard choice to pick my best as they are equally aero and well ventilated for mountain biking at slower speeds when climbing.”

What indoor training programme, and other sorts of indoor training (strengthening etc) have you followed during lockdown?

“I took the time at the start of the lock down to build a comprehensive training plan that incorporated diversity, to keep things fresh, but also take a deep dive into where I was lacking in terms of my power profile. We always seem to run out of time in the base period in December and January to really work on the high level specifics and run through a proper build period. Essentially this was the perfect time to have another build period after we started racing in January. I’ve been doing a lot of core and balancing strength workouts, I’ve also been working in the garden, digging, carrying and engaging muscles you don’t normally do as a cyclist. That said I was extremely fatigued after the first couple of gardening efforts but I’ve adapted and have a very interesting MTB track as a result.”

What’s your favourite race?

“This is a tough question and I would be hard pressed to choose but it would be between Imana Wild ride on the Wild Coast, Zuurberg Trek in the Addo elephant park area and the Lesotho Sky. All of them have different characteristics but encompass the ethos of Mountain biking. adventure, scenery, toughness and comradery.”

What did you miss the most from a cycling perspective over the lockdown?

“Definitely not being able to experience the freedom of exploring new areas or revisiting some of the spectacular trails we have around my area, but I really miss the excitement I get from putting a number board on at a “real” mountain bike race.”

Andrew Hill


Andrew Hill
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