Cool Heat | Bike packing Bali
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Bike packing Bali

Bike packing Bali


Tried, tested and lugged around Bali by Dewald Lotter

Picking a helmet to lug around airports for 20+ hours and then use all day in 40°C heat for several days in a row whilst navigating an unfamiliar island is quite a daunting task. Yes these are entry level helmets but pack so much value for the price.

Biking in Bali

Thinking back on the trip the helmets were just pack/fit and forget but the following highlights do stand out:

  • Using them as pillows and getting them slammed around luggage compartments without them showing any signs of wear.
  • In the searing heat with sweat dripping out of every pore they kept us well ventilated and without any sweat running into our faces.
  • The “Flash Yellow” color we got was very high-vis keeping us visible to the hectic traffic buzzing around Bali
  • Facing tropical rainstorms the peak just provided that extra bit of cover to keep the rain out of your eyes

Don’t under estimate the entry level helmets available from Lazer..

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